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Potential Coronavirus Vaccine Starts Large-Scale Test

The drug company Moderna has started a large-scale test of its vaccine. This is the third and final test and it will determine whether or not the vaccine can actually prevent someone from becoming infected with the coronavirus. The last test was to find out what side effects the vaccine might produce. The new test may involve as many as ...

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Pilots Ready to Leave Delta and Southwest Airlines

Pilots from Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines have made it known to the respective companies that they want to get packages for early departures. Earlier, as many as 1,700 pilots in the union were looking for an early out program, but this has risen to more than 2,200 since Friday. Delta had offered not to furlough pilots if they ...

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Moderna Enters Phase 3 – Closer to Becoming COVID Vaccine

The drug company Moderna has successfully passed Phase 2 of its drug tests for a coronavirus vaccine. The company says that it is ready to start Phase 3 sometime in July. One unique feature of the potential vaccine is that it does not expose people to the actual vaccine but only to specific proteins in it. The company is looking ...

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