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The Second Economic Stimulus Package – Who Will Get Money From It?

As Congressional discussions for the second round of the economic stimulus package continues, some features look like they are going to stay in the package. It has now passed the Senate by a unanimous vote and has been handed over to the House where it will no doubt be debated further and changed or amended. President Trump has already said ...

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Coronavirus and the New Economic Package

Talk continues on reopening America but there is no plan on how to deal with the economy and coronavirus at the same time. It seems that there is no simple answer. Although testing may provide a good start in the right direction, no one has made enough tests to even talk seriously about it. One thing is certain, reports are ...

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The Economic Stimulus Package Has Passed in the Senate

Once again, the stock market has continued to move upward. The key factor was the completion of the $2 trillion economic stimulus package in the Senate. The next step is for it to go to the House for their approval, where it is expected to be quickly passed. President Trump has already said that he will sign it. The Distribution ...

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