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The Stock Market Rallies Once Again

After a large loss yesterday at the stock market, Tuesday saw a large recovery. Investors are glad to see such a strong one-day gain after things were looking quite bleak on Monday. Salary Tax Cuts for Business Promised One of the events that were believed to bring some positive action to the markets was the White House’s move to help ...

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The Oil Wars Have Begun

After a deal between Russia and OPEC could not be reached, oil prices were sent to levels it has not seen since 2016. Russia was hoping to broker a deal with Saudi Arabia in which overall oil production would be reduced. The major oil-producing company refused to cut production. In fact, they did the opposite – announcing that they would ...

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The Oil Market Slowdown

China reported earlier today that there was a decrease in the daily number of deaths from coronavirus. While this is certainly good news, there is no way of knowing whether the trend will continue. Many markets have been affected, and the oil market continues to suffer from it. Oil Prices Slip At 2:00 pm, oil is showing a slight dip ...

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