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Chinese and American Consulates Closed

The U.S. Government ordered the Chinese embassy in Houston to be closed. The government claims that it was a center for espionage into U.S. trade secrets and other spying efforts. The closure was ordered on Tuesday to protect the intellectual property of Americans. Shortly afterward, smoke was seen as embassy staff started burning documents. In retaliation, China has ordered that ...

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Cruise Ships to Remain Idle Through September

Because of the rapid spreading of coronavirus, the CDC has extended the no sail date for all cruise ships sailing from or to U.S. shores. The current ‘no sail’ order would have expired on July 24, but it has been extended through September 30. The order forbids any new passengers or crew to be admitted to any cruise ship from ...

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Home Sales Still Down from COVID-19

Showing a drop to the lowest levels in more than nine years, home sales are finally starting to rise above record lows. Home prices have also risen by the smallest amount seen in about eight years. The cause continues to be coronavirus, which still has people largely unwilling to get out and look at homes to buy. Some areas are ...

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