One Spice That Kills Blood Pressure

My doctor confirmed my worst fears about my high blood pressure. My numbers were so high, I was a heart attack waiting to happen, but I didn’t want to take blood-pressure drugs because of the hideous side effects. A nutritionist told me to cut my salt intake down to 1,500 mgs a day to help lower my blood pressure, but ...

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Forgotten Male Hormone Boosts Testosterone Fast

Scientists at Harvard just made a remarkable discovery… It’s a simple and natural way to boost your testosterone levels… Letting you burn away fat and build lean, hard muscle… While regaining the “drive” you had when you were in your twenties. Even more remarkably, this natural trick for boosting testosterone works for men of any age… No matter if they’re ...

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Venezuela In Default

Back at the end of October I wrote an article on Venezuela and how close the country was to default. The title of the article was “Venezuela Averts Default, But For How Long?” That question has now been answered, it took 16 days. According to S&P Global Ratings the South American country defaulted on a payment Monday after the 30-day ...

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