Investing and Analysis

An Interesting Observation About High Short Interest Stocks

I am a creature of habit. At the beginning of each month, I comb through the thousands of stocks in Investor’s Business Daily’s database. I look for stocks that meet three criteria: an EPS rating over 80, an SMR rating of an A, and average daily trading volume of 500K or more. The EPS rating measures how the company has ...

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The Techno-Utopia of Bitcoin has failed for Now

It seems like a mere year ago around this time we were lauding the advent of the soon to be Bitcoin revolution, challenging all the financial precepts and eventually rising to the biblical status of the “One-World Currency.” In many ways the rise of Bitcoin invokes a spiritual experience for its believers that is deeper than the potential economic wealth ...

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Huge Shift to Bonds Could Be a Good Sign for Stocks

Bank of America Merrill Lynch released its monthly Global Fund Manager survey on Tuesday and the results showed a huge shift in asset allocations. The allocation to bonds jumped by 23 percentage points and that is the biggest one-month rotation ever. The survey also showed that the equity allocations dropped by 15 percentage points. Given the way equity markets have ...

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Natural Gas Markets not for the Faint of Heart

A turbulent market known for its volatility has erupted again this week. The U.S. futures on natural gas measured in price per British thermal units operates on the Nymex commodities exchange, part of the CME Group. The operator of large derivative and futures exchanges took “emergency action” to maintain orderly trading in natural gas contracts as wild price swings gave ...

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General Electric’s Woes Ripple through Corporate Bond Market

New CEO of GE Larry Cup

A feeling of angst is in the air in the credit markets on Wall Street. The venerable blue chip General Electric Co. will sell assets with “urgency” to reduce its high debt, Chief Executive Officer Larry Culp (just appointed 1 October) said on Monday, as GE shares tumbled as much as 10 percent and the cost of insuring its debt ...

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