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The *Real* Chinese Threat: Trump Tariffs Address Decades of IP Theft

If there has been one Trump administration policy that fellow Republicans at large have been unabashed about loudly questioning, it’s the populist president’s crusade for what he describes as “fair trade” in the form of tariffs on a myriad of imports from countries purported to be killing US exports with their own trade barriers and policies. It’s certainly not a ...

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Proven Political Bias in High Tech – The White House Considers Executive Action

If you’ve been keeping up with the current buzz, regardless of partisan loyalties, you’ve undoubtedly noted at the forefront a barrage of questionable policies and leaked communications from Silicon Valley juggernauts like Facebook and Google. Be it Facebook packaging and selling customer data en masse to political buyers or the Alphabet Corporation’s Google executive’s considering search engine censorship on company ...

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Potential Racial Violence Aside, South Africa’s ‘Land Reform’ is a Disastrous Failure

While the media spotlight has just now begun to shift to South Africa in the wake of US President Donald Trump’s lambasting accusations of white genocide, those of us who have been following the African nation’s ‘Land Reform’ policy implementation have been watching the problems escalate for some time. The verdict? South Africa’s Land Reform is a complete economic catastrophe, ...

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