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Hyperinflation Destroying Venezuela

Inflation tearing up Venezuela

We hear words like “inflation” all the time, but what does that word really mean for the people of Venezuela? Venezuela is currently ranked as the worst economy in the world. The country struggles with severe food and medicine shortages, political turmoil, violence, and drug trafficking. As we have argued in several past articles, the crisis in Venezuela is the ...

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How China’s IP Theft Costs the U.S. $5 Trillion

China's IP theft has cost U.S. $5Trillion

Last week, President Donald Trump announced the U.S. would be making a “very big move” by starting an investigation into China’s alleged theft of U.S. intellectual property. U.S. Trade Rep. Robert Lighthizer will be leading an official investigation into China’ trade policies on intellectual property and how it has negatively impacted the U.S. The Trump administration has estimated that the ...

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Trump’s Budget Chief: MAGAnomics Will Boost the U.S. Economy

President Donald Trump has repeatedly said he will bring the U.S. economy out from its sluggish state. His Budget Chief Mick Mulvaney announced that “MAGAnomics” will be the approach that the Trump administration will use to achieve its 3% economic growth goal. “We introduced the term this week, which is called ‘MAGAnomics,’ which is sort of this unifying theme of ...

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Trump Administration Gets Tougher with China Trade Policies

President Donald Trump made it clear over the weekend, that the U.S. is disappointed with China has handled the North Korea problem. Now, the Trump administration is planning to take a stricter stance on U.S. trade laws that impact China. Although China’s lack of action in regards to North Korea and its irresponsible nuclear missile program caused Trump to publicly ...

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