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America Needs A New National Anthem That Average People Can Actually SING!

It’s all President Herbert Hoover’s fault, that wonderful man who brought us the Great Depression. He’s also the one who signed a 1931 Senate bill officially adopting The Star-Spangled Banner as America’s national anthem. Mind you, efforts had started as early as 1916 to shove this little diddy down Americans’ throats, but those early Congresses had more sense, rejecting the ...

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Venezuela Boils – Our Best Effort to Update!

By The Time You Read This News From Venezuela, It Will Be Old News! Daily reports from Venezuela are almost close to useless these days, because things are changing by the hour. By the time a reporter takes pen to paper (you hopefully understand the metaphor), and until it gets printed or published online or spoken on TV, it’s old ...

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6 Predictions for the Continued Demise of Venezuela in 2019

As Venezuela sinks deeper into total meltdown, past predictions about what the Bolivarian Revolution would ultimately mean for the country, haven’t come to be. Since Hugo Chavez first took office democratically in 1999 (subsequent ballot wins were fraudulent because of Chavismo control of state resources to finance campaigns, as well as other vote meddling factors like intimidation, coercion, etc.)… To ...

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