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‘Asleep at the Wheel’ Equifax CEO Steps Down

Equifax CEO Richard Smith is stepping down amid public outrage in response to the massive data breach announced earlier this month. This is a good decision in terms of reputation for Equifax, but Smith should be up on charges and the company should be subject to a class action suit. “The cybersecurity incident has affected millions of consumers, and I ...

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Supreme Court Revisits Labor Union Debate

There’s a good chance that public employees will no longer be forced to pay union dues. The Supreme Court has decided to hear Janus v. AFSCME – the latest in a series of free speech cases in which workers object to paying money to a union they do not support. The case challenges a decision upheld in 1977: that public-sector ...

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Trump Unveils Tax Reform Plan

President Trump’s long-awaited tax plan, revealed on Wednesday, would cut corporate rates and nearly double the standard deduction. The 9-page document is vague in some areas, leaving plenty of space for congressional tax-writing committees to work out the details as they craft legislation. Republicans are aiming for a tax overhaul that will simplify the tax code, reduce taxes on the ...

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EU Takes Aim at American Tech Giants

Silicon Valley tech giants are flourishing, and the European Union wants a slice of the pie. Targets include Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google – a group of companies collectively known as “FAANG.” At least 9 of the EU’s 28 member states support a movement to tax large digital corporations on their turnover rather than on their profits. Such a ...

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Equifax CyberSecurity Chief was a Music Major with No Technical Training – Attempted a Coverup

Equifax CEO Richard Smith prepares to face the music.

New problems arising for Equifax after it was revealed that their cybersecurity chief responsible for securing 143 million stolen records was a music major with no technical training. Equifax chief security officer Susan Mauldin retired on Friday amid widespread accusations that her company could have done more to prevent the massive data breach that has exposed more than 140 million ...

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Second Quarter Sees 3% Growth – Approaching ‘Robust’

Revised data from the Department of Commerce shows a 3% growth in GDP for the second quarter (April-June). This is a serious increase from the measly 1.2% growth we saw during Q1 and is the strongest we’ve seen since the beginning of 2015 when growth hit 3.2%. It’s also exactly what Trump promised us on the campaign trail. Data also ...

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