President Trump Rebukes China with Sanctions Over Uighur Imprisonment

After ignoring the problem for some time, President Trump signed legislation called the Uighur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020. It provides for sanctions against China for imprisoning more than one million Muslim Uighurs and other ethnic groups in the country. The camps where they are being held are basically concentration camps where the interred are living in harsh conditions and suffering cruel treatment – including torture. China calls them “reeducation” camps. The new law also demands that government officials report to Congress involving any technology used for surveillance, as well as harassment cases in the U.S. against Chinese nationals in the U.S.

Trump Signs Police Reform Bill

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President Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday that will encourage police departments to upgrade their training of police officers. This order is what protestors are calling for but they say that is not near enough to solve the problem. It also orders police departments to use mental health professionals and social workers to help those in need of those services. A database will also be created to identify police officers that have violations of abuse of their power and unnecessary violence.

The policeman who shot Rayshard Brooks at a Wendy’s restaurant has been formally charged. Garrett Rolfe, who shot Brooks, faces 11 charges, including felony murder. The police officer that was with him faces three charges and they include aggravated assault. Both officers are to surrender to the D.A. by 6 pm on Thursday.

China Cancels More Than 1,200 Flights

As a result of a new outbreak in China, the country has canceled more than 1,200 flights out of Beijing. The source of the outbreak is again believed to be a food market. So far, there are 137 cases in the capital city and in four other provinces that are linked to the outbreak in the capitol. All schools in the city have been closed along with 11 markets. No one in the closed areas can leave. The virus was discovered on salmon cutting boards in the market and there have been more than 200,000 visitors to the market. China says that they believe the virus is the type that is found in Europe.

National Borders Still Closed

Agreements to keep the borders closed between the United States, Canada, and Mexico have been extended until July 21. The only traffic that is permitted to pass through the borders is essential traffic and citizens who are returning to their home countries. The agreement was extended to restrict the spread of coronavirus since it continues to spread. The border restrictions prevent the flow of goods between the countries through land borders and tourism is also being affected.

Conflict Areas

New conflicts are occurring between China and India at a region in the Himalayas. Apparently, Chinese forces moved into disputed territory and several Indian and Chinese soldiers were killed and some possibly captured. The second area of growing intensity is occurring between North and South Korea. Although communications were cut off a couple of days ago between the two nations, North Korea violently blew up its liaison building in which both nations have offices. Kim Jong-un’s sister appears to be in charge now. North Korea also says its talks with Trump have failed.

The stock market was down today after rising three days in a row. NASDAQ was the only major market to end with a gain. Nearly all sectors showed gains, with consumer durables showing a gain of 75.57%. Gold and oil showed only slight losses.


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