Elizabeth Warren Spooks Energy Investors

The mean-faced, clipped haired polemic against capitalism is front and center again with her quest to socialize America. Remember her mantra, “Big Business Bad…Free Healthcare Good.” Just to jot off on a quick tangent, the sight of AOC lifting hands with comrade Sanders as she bestowed her endorsement (which should carry all of three dozen votes) forced me to hit the antacids early that day.

It’s interesting how throughout the ages wars have been generally waged for land, the property of which contained natural resources that were desired. Today, you have in the U.S. an enemy from within that wishes to sacrifice your economy and safety for a spotted owl. The hypocrisy goes without saying, as these vultures will use all means to tear America down so the world can live as one happily ever after.

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In April, Warren was the first 2020 presidential candidate to propose banning oil and gas leases on public lands, as well as banning hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. These tired communists like Warren and Sanders crawl out of their holes every four years or so to take the temperature of America, and see if the time is right for the Venezuelan blueprint to be put forth. Unlike the third world where this delusion lives, many of you like to have heat when it’s cold, air conditioning when it’s hot, running water, etc.

So who would a ban on fracking hurt the most? The proletariat that these demagogues claim to be brethren with. The numbers have been run, and the results are staggering. Houston’s Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. estimates that if fracking were banned, natural-gas prices in the U.S. would jump to somewhere between $9 and $15, up from $2.238 per million British thermal units on Monday. The firm figures that oil, which ended Monday at $53.31 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, would rise to the $80-to-$85 range and could risk shooting to $150 a barrel during market shocks.

By the way, the ripple effect doesn’t stop here. The rising price of gasoline would essentially put a death knell on the auto industry, as the price to fuel a new car will be beyond the masses. Federal bailouts to follow, of course.

Alexis Krieg, a Warren lemming staffer, says, “We hope they [Investors] respond accordingly by shifting their investments to zero carbon sources instead of continuing to pollute our planet.” I wonder if Alexis uses a crystal mineral deodorant or something off the shelf at Walmart.

This has the smell of Hillary Clinton who became an options on futures expert in one day and profited some $100,000. Dang she’s smart. You don’t think Warren or her dimwit associates would be shorting the frackers who operate on federal land do you? Maybe that’s why Hillary is hanging around. After all, options offer a much greater potential rate of return than the underlying stocks themselves.

Look, if you haven’t got the picture yet on the economic abilities of the left side of the aisle, who propose Disney World style free plans for all, this federal land boondoggle is just the latest in a series of surreptitious schemes that will lead us down an economic path of no return.

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  1. “Big business Bad…..free healthcare good”. Ms. Warren didn’t you just say that your new Big rich Business tax was going to pay for your free healthcare? But…..you still think their bad? Your spouted you want to start to eliminate Big rich business’s …..who then will pay for your free healthcare? I guess the working class will pay for it then?
    Maybe a class in economics and common sense could help her…….maybe not.

  2. Biting commentary. I like it! When I first read the sentence about, “you don’t think that Warren and dimwit associates would be shorting the frackers…”, I thought you wrote that Warren et al [and her jackbooted federal thugs] would be SHOOTING the frackers. I don’t believe that’s stretch.