Kamala Harris: Let’s Just Buy the Black Vote

Speaking Saturday at the Essence Festival (an event celebrating black culture), presidential hopeful Kamala Harris promised to invest $100 billion in housing assistance for black families as part of an effort to increase minority homeownership and close the racial wealth gap.

“A typical black family has just $10 of wealth for every $100 held by a white family,” said Harris. “So we must right that wrong and, after generations of discrimination, give black families a real shot at homeownership – historically one of the most powerful drivers of wealth in our country.”

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So let’s give people free money…

In other words, Harris is buying votes.

Her immature plan focuses on red-lined communities, which are areas the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation has urged investors to avoid, and seeks to increase credit access for black families by altering crediting reporting standards to include utility and cell phone payments.

“My new policy will remove unfair barriers black Americans face when they go to qualify for a home loan,” tweeted Harris.

To qualify for housing assistance, applicants must have lived in a red-lined community for 10 years and must earn less than $50,000 per year ($75,000 in high cost areas). The federal grant would cover up to 20% of the loan value plus closing costs and could not be applied to homes that cost more than $300,000.

According to Harris, the plan would help 4 million families and shrink the wealth gap between blacks and whites by 31%.

Author’s Note: As a black candidate, Harris’s campaign has a sharp focus on the race card.

In June during the debate in Miami, Harris attacked frontrunner Joe Biden over his opposition to using federally mandated busing to racially integrate schools in the 1970s.

A week later, polls showed Biden down 5 points and Harris up 6 points.

Now, Harris is offering black families money just because they are black. If this isn’t the very definition of racist, I don’t know what is. Harris claims she is fighting discrimination in the United States, but is offering money only to blacks. Just imagine what would happen if a Republican candidate offered housing assistance exclusively to white families.

Editor’s note: I know these are just campaign promises, and she cannot possibly put them into action, but Harris has just put an opening bid on the Black vote. Will any of the other candidates bid higher?

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  1. Richard Nordstrom

    Until politicians and religious institutions get at the “root” of the real problems: dysfunctional families and culture, lack of education, discipline and respect due to corrupted institutions including schools, with teacher’s unions causing havoc in inner cities with lack of charter, voucher and school choice. “Buying” votes is the band aid covering a cancer of despair in the black and minority communities. When lies become the truth and the truth is said to be a lie, society becomes a cesspool of corruption, descending inexorably into the very pit of hell. Our nation is an embarassment to its founding principles, with “progressive” meaning nothing more than godless, including an unending chain of ambition to displace God. The results will be devestating, but well-earned, and the most vulnerable will suffer the most, as they always do.

  2. Don’t forget what the root cause of the recession in 2008.
    Forcing banks to give mortgages to people who couldn’t pay on the promise that real estate values would increase and they could refinance. Then, when these people defaulted, there was a burst i ln the housing bubble. The Democrats under the leadership of Maxine Waters, whose husband owned a bank, got rich from government bailouts and the black community suffered the most. Kamala, who isn’t really black, is merely pandering for votes.

  3. This same issue, dressed differently, was the cause of the 2008 Housing Crash; i.e., folks buying a house they couldn’t afford, then quite often reducing it to rubble before they were evicted.

    Kamel must have a short memory or she’s just another Demented-Dem, buying votes with taxpayers money?

  4. This is open racism. In today’s world, everyone has an opportunity to be who they want to be. Racial indifference is no longer an issue. Millions of blacks are enjoying a better life. Millions of blacks are being educated and earning a very good living. They are the only ones who are riding the government hand outs.
    Every race has its own lazy people.

  5. It appears Harris missed that school bus way to many times. And that big rearend shows she sits to much.

  6. to choose to discriminate is reason why we should not let her in Im native American what do we get it was our land before yours..do we get free housing??

  7. carolyn K swanson

    this is all to get the black vote they have been promising all of this forever. why haven’t they already done anything why do they have to always wait until election time to promise the black communities everything.

  8. Harris is not black. She is Indian and Jamaican. Her grandparents were slave owners…not slaves. She “feels” like a black. So I guess you can say you can be any color you want to be if you “feel” like it.

    • Actually if you see her with her actual parents (not the meme with the white guy), her father is a black Jamaican guy.

  9. She is a sick smelling female rat, her own father/papa has denounced her as being a F, Fake. and Fraud.