Income Inequality is what made America Great

Don’t take my word for it. Just ask anyone who has come to America from a socialist country. The irony of income inequality is lost on those who propose the likes of the “Green New Deal.” I will not name names, because you already know the usual suspects. I will group them together for purposes of this story and simply call them “lemmings.” This rigid dichotomy between socialism and capitalism, for lack of better terms, is the singular reason why people depart their native lands.

Perhaps the irony here will be that the unending income equality of socialist-land will inevitably deter immigration to America, once those drinking the “Green New Deal” Kool-Aid take over. Why leave the misery you already have for new misery in an unknown land. But this is lost on the lemmings. In anticipation of a future coup, one can imagine them beginning to store gold bars ala Maduro for when things go south and they must flee.

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It will be unfortunate for the lemmings that income equality, like that of the mid 1980’s Mao Communist China, will give all the proletariat equality. As brilliantly illustrated by Ying Ma in his book, “Chinese Girl in the Ghetto,” he remarks, “Everyone in my city [Guangzhou] was equal in having no running hot water, no modern toilet facilities, no refrigerator, no washer, no dryer, and no color television.” There you go! What did you think? You were going to winter in Aspen with the Vanderbilt heirs?

Think again. A “New Green Deal” will bankrupt us financially and morally. What you have to remember though is that even as radical as it may appear, we aren’t even close to being in the throes of socialism. Ownership of land and business is still private, but for the necessary monopolies like the utilities et al. This is not true in a totalitarian run state. The government usurps all means of production, setting not only the price of goods, but the allocation. With that said, the unhinged thoughts of our current lemmings push the “deplorables” closer to the fate of income equality.

Won’t it be pleasant one day when the neophytes who have gained control bestow upon you abundant equality in the lack of economic pursuit? Again, referring to Ma, as he reflects on his time in socialist China, “The state told us where to live, where to work, what to buy, and for how much. Worse yet, my fellow citizens who lived in the countryside were even more impoverished.”

But how can that be if all are economically equal? Well, for one, there is no definition of where the bar is set in regard to poverty. As mentioned by Ma, the Chinese surfs of the time were, in fact, equal in income. It was just that the amount of income was one that one could not live on. Just as Catholics will say that it is your “good works” that will get you into Heaven. The only problem is the Bible doesn’t define good works. What if the level that needed to be met was of Mother Theresa of Calcutta? That would make many a Christian genuflect.

So boys and girls, I have stained this “Green New Deal” without even telling you what’s in it. I don’t have too. The playbook has already been written. From fables of Orwell and Huxley to the papyrus of Marx, Pol Pot, Castro, et al, only the characters change, not the dystopian theme. If you don’t know it by now, you are doomed to repeat it.

About John Thomas

John Patrick Thomas is a four-time cancer survivor who lives with his family in South Florida. John attended Gettysburg College and The American University before embarking on an entrepreneurial career on Wall Street. He turned to the teaching profession after his life-threatening bout with bone cancer. John has recently written a #1 Amazon Cancer Bestselling book entitled, “A Call to Faith, the Journey of a Cancer Survivor.” He has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, The Wall St. Journal, The Washington Post, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center publications, and was featured in new DayStar network series, “Impact with Pastor Dave.” He has traveled as a missionary and may be one of the few people that tell you cancer was the best thing to ever happen to him. You’ll have to ask him why.


  1. There was a time when mentals were locked up. Now the want to run the country. Morality is now seen as a hate crime. Everything is reversed.

  2. Great article. Might be closer than most think. If a Green New Deal hits, one could expect 70% Federal Income tax, State Tax of 8-12%, Social Security and Medicare Tax on all income, and probably still a kicker for local taxes and some level of health care tax/fee. It’s easy to see a total tax of close to 90% in states with high local taxes. Tell me how many people would want to work 80 hours a week, and only bring home 10% of the money they earned, so that those who rarely work at all can have an “equal” income. Let’s also not forget the net worth tax, removing your existing investment portfolio.