U.S. Tightens Grip on Foreign Investments

The Trump administration will broaden reviews of foreign investments in critical U.S. technologies in an attempt to protect American ingenuity from foreign powers including China.  The Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act, which took effect in August, empowers the government to scrutinize and block even small minority foreign investments into sensitive technologies.

The “America First” attitude brought forth by President Trump is the most significant in 40 years, because it marks a new attitude on the part of the government about American business and sovereign security. It’s easy to espouse the benefits of globalization when you are not the world leader in innovation. The point has come for this administration to put security in front of foreign profit and control.

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As was Japan in the 1980’s, so now China is the obvious target. China’s self-stated goal to unseat America as the world’s tech leader by 2025 has lawmakers edgy. The anatomy of one such endeavor is the Chinese investment in tech start-up Nantero. The following flowchart depicts how this is done.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States will be allowed to review a broader range of transactions, even those that do not constitute the acquisition of full control of a U.S. business. These pre-emptive actions are a further attempt to crack down on Chinese attempts to gain U.S. technology, during a period of intensifying rivalry between the two countries.

At long last the rhetoric of “open borders” and “bringing diversity together” will subside, and more about strategic deal-making will be discussed to bolster U.S. growth and domestic security. China, the EU and the rest will have to earn their keep on their own. Always remember that Americans are inventors and innovators, unlike those in the Far East. In less than 250 years, the blink of an eye in world history, the United States has gone from forests and fruited plains to the greatest economy the world has ever seen. Just ask Jeff Bezos if you don’t believe me. That’s a hard pill for the globalists to swallow, as well as the “enemy within’ who are now rearing their ugly heads and trying to “burn it all down man.”

You don’t need to lose sleep over this. It’s the right thing to do. You won’t be popular at cocktail parties on the coast espousing such contempt for the world, but you would play well in the stands of a Milwaukee Brewer’s playoff game with fellow deplorables.  Is Hillary Clinton still relevant? Would this “America First” position get one kicked to the ground by Eric Holder and his activist street thugs? But I digress.

It’s all about the money. That’s the rub here. It always will be. Globalists will fight to subvert this night and day armed with Sorosesque funds. At least perhaps the average American will get a warm and fuzzy feeling of security from this. Look, no one’s heart is breaking because Chinese inbound investment has plunged from a record $46 billion in 2016 to a mere $2.1billion in the first half of 2018, or that the tremendous money flow from both Silicon Valley and Wall Street to China in recent years in areas such as artificial intelligence, 5G and quantum computing will dissipate. Get used to this new, new-world order, for it may be here for a while.

Editor’s note: Remember what happens if China “wins” and become the dominant force in the world, as is their goal. China is a brutal dictatorship, they have a million people in concentration camps.  China has no freedom of speech, freedom of religion or the right to due process. In China you can be searched and/or thrown in jail for any reason.

The media speaks of Russia interfering, cyber hacking, and being beligerent around the world. China has many times the resources of Russia at this point and it much more sinister.  If we go into a “cold war” with China, as some have suggested, it may not be a bad thing.

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