HORIST: Are the #NeverTrump folks really willing to destroy America?

Not long ago, I wrote a piece headlined “Please stop making me defend Donald Trump.”  I maintain a rather objective view of Trump (believe it or not) and have leveled my criticism of his pugnacious and erratic personality – and even my opposition to some policies, such as permanent tariffs.  This type of objectivity is not good enough for the #NeverTrump resistance movement.  They want … no, demand … total animus when it comes to Trump, his administration and his supporters.  They must all be demonized in the strongest possible terms – even the use of pejoratives that are usually considered the instruments of the ignorant and the vulgar.  They make Trump’s name-calling look like child’s play.

Of course, this comes as no surprise.  Even before his inauguration, the radical left within the Democratic Party, the news media, the entertainment world, academia and the various left-wing movements that flourish within the Democrat infrastructure issued their edict that no one should “normalize” President Trump.  In other words, it was predetermined in their mendacious minds that there was nothing that the Trump administration was ever going to do that could be given fair and honest consideration — nothing.

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As if the biased, unfair and untrue partisan-driven criticisms of the President were not enough, these hardline radicals broke every tradition to maintain their drumbeat of specious antagonism.  They ended any semblance of respect for the man or the office by unleashing an unprecedented level of vulgar language – taking public dialogue to a new low.  It there is anything that should not be “normalized” it is the foul language that now flows these days from a not so intelligent Intelligentsia.

They have unleashed vicious attacks and insults on the family of the president, not only those who hold office in the White House.  In an example of what has been coined as “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” celebrity volunteers in the anti-Trump resistance movement went after Trump’s 12-year-old son Barron.  Fortunately, that one was so over-the-top that the attackers had to retreat.

It has long been said that partisanship with regard to foreign policy “ends at the water’s edge” – meaning that we face all foreign nations – friend and foe alike – as a unified America.  At no time in our nation’s history – even at the height of Vietnam War protests – has the party out-of-power so ruthlessly attacked and undermined the policies of a duly elected administration in a most flagrant example of partisanship over patriotism.  Rarely before has anyone in the leadership of a major party so aided and abetted the anti-American strategies and propaganda of our most dangerous international adversaries – at least not since Benedict Arnold.

One can expect the radical left to be … well, … radical in their language and actions.  As residents of the authoritarian side of the big-government political-philosophy continuum, their motive is to rule over, not govern.  They will not be restrained by the rule-of-law, common sense, civil decency and most certainly not by the truth.  The currency of communication is propaganda and their governing strategy is civil unrest.  And above all, they tolerate no disagreement with their arrogant elitist opinions.

The current tragedy of America has less to do with Donald Trump than the corruption of so much of the mass media –  lead by the Big Seven (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times and Washington Post).  It is true that a free and honest press is critical to a republic such as ours, but whether the media is controlled by government or by its own philosophic and political biases, it no longer serves the best interests of the nation.

Today, the Big Seven are not only more partisan and more biased than any time in my experience (and that is more than half a century), they have converted news analysis to one-sided propaganda.  Since the election of Donald Trump, the liberal media has advanced into an even more reckless and dangerous arena.  They have become advocates.

It is not enough to spin the news in a leftward direction, but they now promote and call for activism.  They have used their powerful communication platforms to advertise and promote participation in all sorts of protests and civil disobediences by the left.  But more alarming, they have become the clarion call for civil protest.

In a recent program, Joe Scarborough called on the nation’s law firms to send lawyers down to the border to represent those children.  I believe he knew that the children have legal representation and that an influx of attorneys knocking on the doors would only create chaos and more optics for media propaganda.  Scarborough was not alone.  Al Sharpton called for demonstrations – as did several left-wing media hosts and their sycophantic panelists.  In terms of civil protest, the media has moved from chronicler to conspirator.

What seems to have driven the left, and especially the media, to such an extreme has been an unrestrained frustration.  Founded on the shock and disappointment of the Trump election, the left has mounted a campaign to bring Trump down … period.

But, the attack is not only directed at Trump and his administration.  God knows that they have tried to shame and malign everyone and anyone who might say a good word about Trump or any of his policies.  They characterize anyone who supports Trump in any way is immoral, cowardly, evil, heartless, stupid and even “lazy thinkers.” – arrogantly implying that they are the opposite.   There is no insult, no slander, that is beyond the pale for the crazed radical left.

For the most part, the radical left’s unrelenting criticism has had little effect.  The President’s favorable rating has gone up more than 10 points even as the #NeverTrump folks have unleashed the harshest and most dishonest criticism of any President since Democrats viciously slandered Abraham Lincoln in the campaign of 1860.  This has driven the left mad – literally.  There seems to be a direct relationship between every percentage point increase in Trump’s favorable rating the increasing ferocity of the attacks.

What has kept me writing mostly in the President’s defense has not been some blind loyalty to the man, but rather a revulsion of the incredibly mendacious, unfair and slanderous attacks on everything he says or does.  To say that I am a captive of some cult of personality is a baseless slander that has no persuasive influence over my political opinions and judgments.  My loyalty is to my own conservative beliefs and the policies that advance them.

So, I say to my friends on the left – and I think I speak for many others – as long as you obsess on the Trump personality, as long as you offer up big government and Big Brother policies and as long as you turn the world of common sense on its head with elitist administered political correctness, I will have to prefer the policies of the Trump administration.  It is the policies, stupid!

About Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in public policy and political issues. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, and he has served as a consultant to the White House under Presidents Nixon and Reagan. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress and lectured at Harvard University, Northwestern University, Florida Atlantic University, Knox College and Hope College. An award winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.


  1. Mark J. Ukkonen

    I could not agree with you more. You have shed light, not otherwise available, on a very disturbing and shameful time in our country. God bless you, Mr. Trump, and the United States of America. I thank you and keep speaking the truth.

  2. Recently I was attacked by a very good friend of mine for sharing a post on Facebook that was discussing the truth about our immigration laws and why families are separated when parents are arrested. I am by no means a trump lover but actions speak louder than words and he us trying to do something for the people. I was very respectful of their views as I try to be very neutral and objective, but this person just went on an emotional rant calling me a racist, a xenophobe, and heartless which he knows is farther from the truth and he is so blined by his hate he spewed it all over me. I don’t think they understand that we are all watching their actions and watching them spew hate that they are complaining about. They don’t see that because of their behavior more people are moving away from them and closer to trump and if they are not careful the left will lose support more than they realize. Look at California for example the hate for trump is so vile that the whole state is spewing hate that the poor people living there are paying the price. Thank you for this post.

    • People on the left are getting frustrated. They hate Trump and his policies. They refuse to acknowledge anyone who can distinguish his policies from his personality. They know that they cannot win wide public support by opposing his policies, so they focus on the personality only. Sadly, their rhetoric is getting uglier and uglier — even now calling for the liberal thugs to assault those with whom they disagree.

  3. I really like your comments in this article. It really makes a lot of sense. In addition, I believe God gave Trump the win in the 2016 elections; HE wants to make sure America doesn’t lose its place in the world. We as Americans were in for the dooms if Hillary would have won, we would never have recovered if she would’ve been president. I am an Independent voter, therefore I thank GOD for giving us, President Trump. As a nation, we need to get back to our roots and become the nation we were 20 years ago. I may not agree with everything Trump says, but at least he is sincere and doesn’t fall into that political correct agenda which will destroy us as a nation and wish would sell us out. Like you said in your article, it’s the policies. But Democrats are only one-sided and can’t seem to seem to understand the policies put in place for the wellness of our nation. They are like horses, their eyes and brains are covered by a cloth or shadowed because they only see what’s in front and cannot seem to be able to look beyond a straight line. So, as long as Trump keeps doing what is right for our country, I will be behind him and God will be protecting him now and as he moves forward to winning the next election.

  4. Richard Nordstrom

    Well said. I have never been so disgusted with the state of our political dialgoue as I am now.
    Civility is long gone and middle America will continue to be appalled at what the Democrats and their uber liberal base are doing to undermine the nation and its values. The President is a different personality, but his commitment to America is rock solid and ought to be applauded, not demonized. He is miles ahead of his oppostion and will continue to move the nation in the right direction. If you are a Bible believer, and many of his supporters are, they feel the hand of God is upon him. He’s not perfect, but his leadership skills are being honed in the “furnace of afflication,” and will be used to bring the nation back to where God can prosper it once again.

    • Richard, I am truly afraid of what the left is doing to this country. I see signs of a possible second civil war in the offing, I can’t believe what the country is being put through and wonder if the Country I grew up in will survive. I hope President Trump is up to the job he seems to have been given.

  5. It IS about the policies and the ACTION and the ECONOMY, doing WHAT is RIGHT FOR America. Spot-on analysis that is a MUST READ by all right-thinking Patriots so they can properly respond to the mean-spirited, left wing and ULTRA-Left Wing zealots who have lost their way and their brain. Are we in the Land of Oz? Sometimes, it feels like it.

  6. Taylor Hay

    Mr. Horist, you articulate facts rather than pontificate half-truths which is a rare trait among political writers. Unfortunately your love for America and describing the model that has kept America great until the last few decades is now falling on the ears of the minority…America’s workers who pay taxes.

    The great historians Will and Aerial Durant wrote in their final book of just over a hundred pages in large print, The Lessons of History, that when the ‘have-nots outnumber the ‘haves’ they will vote away their money. We ‘haves’ who work, pay taxes, and support the ‘have-nots’ with much more than most of them deserve are now the minority.

    It is quite rare that a politician (in Websters 1938 edition defined as self-serving), now laughably defined as a ‘public servant’, will do the right thing by America…Our tax money is now used to buy votes of the ignorant…about twenty cents on each tax dollar now serves America. The remainder makes politicians millionaires…If the IRS net worthed and audited our Congress, most would be in jail for fraud.

    Our founding fathers wisely formed a Republic, but the politicians have corrupted America into becoming a democracy. Many Greek democracies failed just as Rome’s democracy failed. So will America fail because the illiterate and the tenth generation of welfare recipients not only outnumber the workers of America but they are also outbreeding them at least two to one….

    I humbly ask you, Mr. Horist, what is your solution?

    Respectfully, Taylor Hay

  7. P.S. Mr. Horist, I did not answer your question…Like the religious protesters that die in a gasoline-soaked body, the vicious liberals are unwilling to leave America as promised if Trump wins the election but many are willing to die in flames if they thought they could destroy Trump, America, and conservatives.

    The liberals under Hitler’s regime became the jailers and managers of the gas chambers…Germany had their vicious liberals and still does just like America where free speech of the press as become the death song of a wonderful country…America…

    I have lived long enough and observed enough to know that America cannot survive unless we have at least two more presidents like Trump who can survive two terms each.

    Mr. Horist consider writing Plato’s requirements for a leader. No person should be allowed to run for a political office unless all of these requirements are met.

    Cordially, Taylor Hay

  8. Geoffrey W Bramhall

    Now, enough about that, tell us what you really think!

    I congratulate you on a very well thought out article. I share every one of your concerns.
    If I reassembled all my comments from the early primary days to the election and now his
    administration, I have gone through the same metamorphosis as you. I thought his campaign
    was amateurish and often infantile, but I gradually came to realize that he and his energy and
    plain spookiness was the only way the Republicans could have pried the Presidency out of the
    corrupt Clinton hands. We held our nose and lived with Obama for eight long years. The
    Democrats will just have to do the same or there will be no Democrat Party left when all is done.

  9. Why not add PBS to your list? The constant antagonism emanating from speakers as well a s anchor Judy Woodruff pertaining to minors being separated while many, many minors had been sent unaccompanied by an adult to cross the border does not at all seem to be hypocrital. Difference of course is PBS is financed by citizens whether or not it is bipartisan.

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