Drain the Cesspools of Tenured Academia

The demands on a tenured professor are rough. Four or five hours of coursework a week, a modicum of office hours, and well, thoughts about it. One finds the professor often bitter over the lower salaries they garner in the “Ivory tower” compared to those of their real-world brethren. Ah, tenure, intended to ensure that faculty aren’t penalized for having unpopular views or for researching controversial topics.

If only Starbuck’s employees had tenure to express unpopular views. No, that doesn’t play well in real capitalism. When money is at stake, follow the politically correct corporate line or walk the plank. But it is important for such faculty to produce Alice in Wonderland research as “How street lights affect the migration of sea turtles,” with results showing that it is deemed much more prudent to turn off street lights on major highways for the safety of this wonderfully protected species, while leaving the proletariat public to fend for themselves in the dark. Alas, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

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You have to wonder the thought process of the original Wesleyan College academic who decided it was a fantastic idea to have kids wear nothing but their underwear in public. The practice of showing up in Olin Library’s Info Commons in one’s underwear on the Friday of WesFest, has become something of a time-honored tradition. Could tenure be behind this? No doubt the recent popularity of this illustrious event lifted Wesleyan to the top of the ranking of private liberal arts institutions.

The original pre-tangential topic here was sexual harassment by disgraced college professors. But as we see here, moral man with tenure can equate to immoral society, which is the umbrella over academia. One would imagine that the percentage of those educators on campus alleged of sexual harassment would probably be on par with that of those shamed in Hollywood.

UCLA is at the epicenter, no earthquake pun intended, of the sexual harassment storm. Gabriel Piterberg, a tenured history professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, faced two allegations of sexual harassment in the past five years. The allegations, according to a legal complaint, included unwelcome comments and forcing his tongue into a graduate student’s mouth. The students ended up suing UCLA and settled in 2016 for a combined $460,000. According to the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Piterberg declined to comment, though UCLA has said he disputes the internal investigation’s findings. Perhaps allegedly French kissing the grad student was exaggerated. I wonder what the odds of him landing at Wesleyan are?

When these institutions of lower learning teach more sex education courses than math, what would you expect the atmosphere on campus to be like? These hermit communities foster this “four legs good, two legs bad,” persona. In a column in Quartz, the authors state that the same patriarchal imbalance of power that allows harassment to occur also silences those who do speak out. I know I’ve heard that language somewhere before. In a crowdfunding survey, former professor Karen Kelsky found that graduate students were the most likely to make allegations, as the following chart shows.

And it’s not just a problem on Hollywood movie sets or Australian TV shows. #MeTooPhD is a hashtag for university staff and students to share their experiences of sexual harassment and assault. This is a very serious topic that is now miraculously coming to light after too long. Shame on those who perpetuate this ideology on our college campuses.

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John Patrick Thomas is a four-time cancer survivor who lives with his family in South Florida. John attended Gettysburg College and The American University before embarking on an entrepreneurial career on Wall Street. He turned to the teaching profession after his life-threatening bout with bone cancer. John has recently written a #1 Amazon Cancer Bestselling book entitled, “A Call to Faith, the Journey of a Cancer Survivor.” He has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, The Wall St. Journal, The Washington Post, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center publications, and was featured in new DayStar network series, “Impact with Pastor Dave.” He has traveled as a missionary and may be one of the few people that tell you cancer was the best thing to ever happen to him. You’ll have to ask him why.


  1. If I work for a company for ten years and don’t get fired, should I be given some permanency in the company? One of the reasons for such high costs and resultant student loans is BECAUSE of the high salaries of professors. Even lawyers are expected to work at least 40 hours a week and produce a minimum number of billable hours for the firm. College professors are not paid for the quality of results in student education. It doesn’t seem to matter if over 1/2 of a class fails or drops out, the professor continues to receive his/her excessive salary. Students accept sexual harrassment to curry favor with their professors because they are paying for the pleasure of enduring the musings and dictation of their professors including a certain amount of harrassment and insults. College professors are the most overpaid people in America and there are far too many of them on staff at most colleges. They should all be subject to termination for failure to produce results and be graded by their students (secret ballot). Also professors must be forbidden from discussing Politics of any type and grading students must never by subjective. Professors cause problems by making students agree with their personal opinions. Bad.


    cannot believe that parents are actually footing the bill for their kids to attend these far left indoctrination centers….

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